YouTube + PicMonkey

PicMonkey is perfect for designing YouTube thumbnails, banners, and more. And you can export directly to YouTube from PicMonkey.

How to use YouTube templates

Choose a template

Select a stylin’ design template from our ginormous library.

Replace images

Simply click and replace our pics with yours.

Add words & graphics

Replace our text with yours, add a logo or other graphics.

Export to YouTube

When your design is ready to go, export directly to YouTube.

Make a YouTube thumbnail in 4 steps

  1. Open a thumbnail template in the editor, or start from scratch with a pre-sized blank canvas

  2. Customize your template or blank canvas by adding text and a background color or pattern. 

  3. Choose from our graphics, or add your logo to your thumbnail.

  4. When your design is ready to go, export directly to YouTube

Make YouTube thumbnails
YouTube thumbnail tutorial

Make branded thumbnails easily with this easy-to-follow guide.

Fresh ideas for thumbnails

Design ideas for creating your best thumbnails ever. Plus, proper sizing.

Graphics for YouTube

+ So much more! Browse all the graphics

How to make a YouTube Banner

  1. Open Templates from the left toolbar.

  2. Type “YouTube Banner” in the search field.

  3. Click a template to preview it in the editor.

  4. Customize with your own photos, graphics, or text.

Make YouTube banners
Guide to creating banners

We walk you through designing stellar channel art, step-by-step. Plus, safe areas, guidelines, and design tips for perfect banners.

Right sizes + direct exporting

It’s the nitty-gritty details for making and exporting perfect YouTube channel art. See sizes and steps for directly sharing your designs to YouTube.

Share directly to YouTube

When you’re done designing the perfect thumbnail or banner, you can export them directly to your YouTube channel from PicMonkey.

Make a YouTube logo in 4 steps

  1. Click Create New to open a blank canvas or logo template.

  2. Add graphics and style your text. Drop shadow? Outline? Curved text? Brand colors? Up to you!

  3. Make your background transparent so it looks good over any image or video, and be sure to save as a PNG.

  4. Add your logo to your channel art and videos. Boom! Your channel is uniquely branded.

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Make stunning images and deliver designs that delight with a PicMonkey subscription.